Jacob is a CPA with an entrepreneurial background and experience in many sectors of the economy. After completing his MBA at The Ohio State University, he earned his CPA license working in a Diversified Tax Group at Ernst & Young. After gaining much experience in the corporate world Jacob left Ernst & Young in 2013 to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams of starting and owning his own businesses.

This led to the creation of ProFi as an essential element in providing accounting and finance support functions for his own small businesses as well as the businesses of his friends and colleagues. In 2016 Jacob founded with his partner Venture RE – a full service commercial real estate brokerage licensed in PA & Ohio. Jacob has gone on to start multiple other businesses, including a Crossfit gym in Cranberry Twp, PA – and is the acting CFO for more than 20 small businesses in 7 different industries. Jacob’s unique experience and wide range of expertise in accounting and real estate has allowed him to help his clients grow their businesses substantially by being a back-office support system for all of their accounting and finance needs as they grow. ProFi has helped its clients grow to more than $20M in revenue per year.


Jacob Is passionate about helping his clients get the most out of their small businesses by allowing owners to focus on growth and not worry about administrative tasks and functions.